#1 Advanced Post Carousel Builder for Elementor

Build your own post carousels, the way you like it. Elementor Carousel Builder by EnvoMart can help you organize and display your multiple blog post in a carousel or as slider. It supports Advanced Custom Fields and WooCommerce. Create carousel to showcase your custom post types, portfolio or products in the best way it can, with all the information as it needs. The Post Carousel plugin allows you to create the grid for any custom post types and place any WordPress Custom field, Custom taxonomy, Shortcodes and ACF custom field in it. The carousel is mobile friendly.

Create Anything!!

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Drag and order field types

Elementor Carousel comes with multiple drag and order field types which can be used to create custom design for your carousel. Elementor Post Carousel comes with following field types.

  • Title field type – Shows the title of post or custom post type
  • Content field type – Shows the full content of editor ( full or excerpt). It can be also used to display ACF custom field types inside the carousel.
  • Button – Adds button to post. It can be an ACF url as well.
  • Meta data – Displays the date, author and taxonomy. Supports custom taxonomy
  • Single Meta Data – Display a single meta data. Supports custom taxonomy
  • HTML – Display an HTML content
  • WooCommerce Rating – Display WooCommerce rating
  • WooCommerce Add to Cart – Display add to cart button
  • WooCommerce Price – Show the price in the carousel
  • Shortcode- Display a shortcode inside the carousel
  • Elementor Template – Display Elementor Template as carousel ( Note this is an Elementor Pro Feature)
  • Custom Post type support

  • Custom Field Support

  • WooCommerce Support

  • ACF Support
  • Drag and position Field Types

  • Order by Custom Field Values

  • Display ShortCodes

  • Display HTML

  • Display Button

  • Display WooCommerce Rating

  • Responsive

  • Developer Friendly

  • Custom font and color support