Carousel Maker – Common Controls

Enable Inner Column

This option allows you to add inner columns with in the carousel item. Say if you have added two field types – Field type 1 and Field type 2. You will be able to set the width of Field type 1 to be 50% and Field type 2 to be 50% then both fields will align in a line. You may have to adjust based on your needs.

Enable Inner WidthRequires Enable inner column enabled

Set the width of inner column for the active field type.

Enable Inner Max WidthRequires Enable inner column enabled

Set the max- width of inner column for the active field type. Some times content will overflow out of the border in those cases this can be set same as above value to fix that.

Minimum Height

This sets the minimum height for the field type that you have added . Useful to make the carousel items appear aligned through out the carousel.

Case of use : Some title may take 1 line while others may take 2 lines. The content under them will look misaligned. The minimum height can be adjusted to 2 line height to make all carousel items align.


Change the wrapper for the field type. H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6,p,div. Useful for SEO


  1. STYLING : Used for styling the field type say color, background, padding and margin.
  2. TYPOGRAPHY : Used to set the typography for field type.
  3. ADVANCED : Set custom Class and ID for the field type. Allows you to customize the field with CSS.



Change the color of text


Change background Color


Change the width of Element


If two contents are one above each other. Setting higher value will make the element to show up above the lower one. Say you have an image and you have you have placed a button above it using negative margin, to make the button show up above the image we will set the z-index for image as 10 and z-index of button as 11. Learn More :


Relative : Place the Elementor field type in relative manner

Absolute : Place the Elementor field type in absolute manner.

Margin :

Set the margin for field type. Supports negative margin to place the one element above another one. This is responsive control


Set the padding for field type. This is a responsive control

Border Color

Set the color for border

Border Style

Set the border style – Solid, grooved etc

Border Size

Set the border size

Border radius

Set the border radius for the block

Text Alighment

Align the text in the field type.

Content Alignment

Align the content , if width is less than 100%. To be used along with width parameter


Font Family

The font family selection only works in preview and live mode. This is not a bug. Elementor Limitation.


Set the font size


Font thickness


Transform the text to Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Normal


Normal, Italic Obique


Underline, Over-line, Line through

Line Height

Set the line height

Letter Spacing

Set the letter spacing

TAB : Advanced


Set the class . Useful in customizing the element way you like it


Set the ID. Useful in customizing the element way you like it